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Darko Novak

darko_novakDarko is a 34 years old web developer and system administrator, SEO fanatic and online marketer. He started his carer at Qmini d.o.o., working as website developer but soon found his way also in to system administration. Working at Qmini d.o.o. allowed him to work with several leading companies in Croatia.

As a big movie fanatic, he founded in Mart 2012 a torrent tracker site called DivXHunt.me, where he was able to dig in to the world of torrents. He is no longer an owner of that torrent tracker site and has found his new love: “Affiliate Marketing”.

In April of 2013 Darko founded PTClixs, which was focused on consulting in PTC (Paid To Click) online earning strategy. In Mart of 2014 the site was reorganized and is now offering consulting in WordPress, SEO, online marketing and online legit money making businesses.

What does Darko do?

Darko’s combined background as a web developer and system administrator, affiliate marketer and online entrepreneur allows him to help people perform better in pursuing their goals and dreams of becoming stand alone home online workers. He will help you to focus on the important things and his services which consist of  all around WordPress help and Online Marketing consultancy, ranging from “simple” WordPress installation and making it secure to full help on how to make money with “Blogging”. You can ( and should ) hire him for all of that.

novak_familyDarko likes to help people in fulfilling them their needs and wishes and is aware that helping others to get what they want will actually give you all that you want. That is why Darko talks on the topic of  money making ways online, SEO, WordPress, search marketing and advertising and social media marketing.

Darko lives in Mačkovec, near Čakovec, Croatia, with his wife Dunja, and their son Noel. In their spare time they like to travel and if traveling isn’t possible then they like to enjoy playing the old good Super Nintendo’s Super Mario.

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