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Build your downline by requesting referrals

Many of you are in desperate need for good referral source. Your life would be much easier if you could build your downline by requesting referrals on a high traffic site or, for that matter, any other way, just as long as they keep on coming regularly and are active.

If only there would be a place where direct referrals could be obtainable just by asking and on top of it for all possible programs out there that you can think of and if possible all that for free.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well, we are about to show you exactly how you can do that and much more by using only one service. The service or better to say the site that makes that possible is To read a more detailed review on use this link: “Downline Builder With Style“.

If you haven’t registered already now would be a good time to do so. Simply follow this link or use the banner below and after you’we done get back here and read the rest of this article cause you gonna need it.



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Request your Direct Referral

After successful log in to you will find your self in “Dashboard” from where you are able to navigate and find out all the needed information and setting to your account.

To get your self a direct referral, presuming you have gathered few credits, you will need to focus on a gray box with Build your downline” heading. If you are a new member you won’t be having any pending nor request for validating your referrals. But, as soon as we set up your first request that will change and in no time you will have plenty direct referral for managing.

There are two more options in that “grey box”. You can expose your referral link to their community if you have credits and acquire an ad on their front page if you perches them. Now go and hit that “Refferal Request” link and let us guide you through with settings.

  • The form in front of you needs to be filled. I think there is not much of explaining necessary here but we will give you few hints and advice.
    • use only legit and trusted PTC sites or programs
    • go and check what others are “bribing” for the program you attend to request direct referral and adjust accordingly
    • don’t give to many credits, but don’t be cheap to
    • set up a reasonable period/time duration of your contract
    • in task description ask the member to click at least 8 ads before requesting validation

Build your downline by requesting referrals
Build your downline by requesting referrals
Build your downline by requesting referrals
Build your downline by requesting referrals
Build your downline by requesting referrals

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Now that you have gathered all the needed information about the program you wish to get direct referral for and have set up your referral request form for the first time all there is to do now is to wait until you receive a message saying a member has signed up to your program.

DownlineRefs Sign Up Message


On the right side of the site there will be two yellow boxes informing you that you have work to do. On will be the message that you have gained a member who i willing to become your direct referral for your program and the nex box giving you the option to confirm/validate that user.

Before validating I advice you to go and check if the user really did sign up under your referral link and has clicked or done what ever you asked him to do. After that your job will be monitoring your direct referral if he is fulfilling it duties for which he will be given an equal share of credits each day for the duration of the contract.

If your referral has decided to full you and has stooped clicking no need to worry. As soon as you find out that he stopped working you can cancel his contract and a refund of the remaining credit offer plus a partial refund of fees according to the progress of the contract will be done.

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This is far out the best program out there for building your downline and getting free direct referrals. As wit all programs out there, to succeed on DownlineRefs you will need to concentrate on getting direct referrals.

Only by clicking on ads it will take you ages to earn enough credits. In our opinion if you want to be successful in PTC world first you will have to learn how to market and gain direct refferals and this is one of the best ways to start.

Now, how to get direct referrals for DownlineRefs go and read in our article: “Ways to get Referrals for Business“.

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