The Bux - A world of Scam!? |

The Bux – A world of Scam!?

The Bux - A World of Scam!? SeparatorIt is really hard for me to write about this ’cause I really had big hopes and was convinced that was the next NeoBux but as it turned out it has become just another scam site in the sea of many.

I’m beginning to thing that only 5% of all PTC sites out there are legit and worth mentioning. Well, I have time, will and I’m going to take them out one by one all by myself if I have to! Would dough appreciate all the help that I can get.

It all started very well eight months ago. They where new, good looking and making money with it was easy and fun. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, problems begun to merge.

Many members, including me, had to endure constant server issues, selective and limited payouts, rented referrals issues and constant changes in favor to owners making us members who invested time, money and will,   into slaves who made money to give it back to The-Bux.

We eventually where clicking  for free and the money was only pouring into owners pockets.

In order to justify its slogan “A World of Trust” administrator of has started a thread at it’s forums proposing and asking it’s members for solutions to help The-Bux stay alive. Well, it was the first time I have encountered something like that being done by owner of PTC site.

Members took it pretty well and at the beginning few modifications and updates where really promising and gave hope to all The-Bux members. But, as it turned out, all was in vain.

Some pretty bad moves where made by the owner and people started to complain.  There tried out all kinds of limits for cash out, rented referrals where earning money to their members only for clicking on fixed ads and then, out of the blue, they presented “The Bux Rescue Battleplan“.

The Bux - A World of Scam!? Separator

The Bux Rescue Battleplan

Oh! That famous “The Bux Rescue Battleplan”. On 24.10.2013. admin decided to open a topic to let the people know what is going on. It was the 10th month of The Bux egzistance in the PTC world. The site was having 160.000 members and they paid out more than 150.000$. Now, that was something.

They would have done better if they have had fixed some issues that where constantly bringing them down.

First actions where taken and they have raised the Rented Referrals price for a bit with an excuse:”the prices are too cheap”.Advertisement prices went up. you guessed,”because they are also too cheap for the number of members we have”: they have said.

Then the rescue battle-plan UPDATE 2 came out on 01.11.2013. Everything was going fine with the first set of changes but now they have outed another problem. PayPal has put a limit on their account. Paypal would take 25% of every transaction made to their Paypal account and put the 25% of the total amount “On Hold” for 90 days.

This caused a small financial problem for us. They had to fight against this on their way and have gave us the cashout limit.


The Bux - A World of Scam!?


Now the members started bitching and showing doubts big way all over the forums. Instead of getting the site out of the mess they have been taking it deeper and deeper in to the abyss.

UPDATE 3 was made on 20.11.2013. Things where starting to unfold very quickly now. The cashout problem was still there and admin has presented all the possible cases of what could happen to The Bux.

I have no desire to write about all of them. If you have wish to read the nonsense go and follow this link but I guess it’s only a matter of time the forum and the site will go down!

But there is one possible case that they have presented that I would like to talk about. It made me laugh so loud that I almost knocked out my windows. They have had a plan to open a new PTC website. Like this would solve all the problems.

What did they have in mind? Well, on the new website that they will open, there won’t be a cashout limit. Ha-ha! And further more when the new website starts paying off I qoute:” we will invest the money back into The Bux”.

Some members thought that this is enough and they have felt insulted. You can go and read through some opinions from their members on The Bux forums if you like but all in all it’s bad cause the site is dead and it started to stench!

The Bux | A world of Scam!? Separator


The is dead. There is nothing that can help them to revive the site now. Every day more and more members are leaving and the site is turning in to a ghost town.

Shame, I really thought that this is going to be one of the biggest PTC sites, a real world of trust. The site is placed to our suspect sites list.

The Bux | A world of Scam!? Separator

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