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Buxenger Review

Buxenger is a PTC software that becomes considerably useful if you have an account in more than one PTC site. If you are only using one PTC site, then this software will probably not help you much or be of any use to you. But I am guessing that like for most of us, that’s not your case. Is it?

Basically, what Buxenger does is it allows you to manage all your PTC activities in one place making it easier and faster to register, login into PTC’s and keep track of your statistics.

This is not a auto clicker, or auto surfer application of any kind. It’s just make all your PTC in place and list all the available ads you can view. Don’t worry you can’t get banned from the PTC site because Buxenger doesn’t break any ToS or rules in any bux site, and also, they will never hack your account, or get your passwords.

Buxenger don’t have all the PTC sites in their list, they only have ptc site which are Buxenger supported which means that the site owners of that particular PTC site have agreed to support Buxenger.


Buxenger Review and Guide

Things we do like about Buxenger:


  • It is totally legal and there is no risk in using it. There are quite some PTC sites on the list but thee reason why soem of the PTC sites aren’t on it is because PTC website owners need to give their approval or ask for adding to the list. This guarantees there will be no problems or issues of any kind.
  • View your daily ads faster: instead of login in into each PTC site and clicking one by one all the ads, you will be able to login at all in one place, add them to a “playlist” and then just get the ad list playing.
  • Downline builder: For me this is the best feature. The way this works is that you refer someone to Buxenger they will become your referral in all the PTCs they join from the Buxenger app. Given that joining new PTC’s is so easy on Buxenger, this can mean that your Buxenger referral joins 20 PTC’s. Buxenger helps you get tons of refs.
  • PTC management: All your stats in one place. You can set alarms to warn you when you have reached minimum cash out, alarms to warn you when there are new ads to click… Organize your ptcs in folder such as: click every day, try out, etc.
  • Very secure: At Buxenger security is a top priority and passwords get encrypted so that only you have access to them.


Buxenger Review and Guide

What we do not like about Buxenger:


  • The list of PTC is limited and some of the major ones such as Neobux or Clicksia are still missing.
  • On the free version you can only view ads on one tab at a time. You need to get premium to get multiple tabs.
  • Confusing master password function: I could not figure out what it meant and I kept trying without success until I realized I just had to leave it blank!


    • Buxenger Chrome extension created that will allow you to lunch Buxenger app inside a Google Chrome tab. Buxenger Chrome extension has exactly the same functionality as regular Buxenger but on Chrome. To be able to use this extension you will need to have the 3.5 version of Buxenger installed. To install it you simple start your Buxenfer software and hit the “Tools” tab on the left menu bar. On the Chrome Extension installation window, click on install. Once you’ve installed it, you will see this icon in your Google Chrome Extension bar and when you click it, that is when the fun starts.buxenger_extensionjpg
    • Juny 07, 2014 – Buxenger 3.5 Basic is out
Buxenger Review and Guide

General Conclusion:

Buxenger is a free desktop software that will help you organize, monitor and view ads from your numerous PTC ( paid to click ) website accounts. If this isn’t enough for you to go and try it out then her this: ” With this program you can refer users to 100 websites at once with one short link to Buxenger“.

Also, if you are an statistic freak as I am, you can view all your accounts statistics and overall summary in one screen and much more. This i certainly a tool that you need to check if you are serious in to making money with PTC sites.

So, if you haven’t download it already, do go and read our article: ” Buxenger Tutorial ” and use our step by step picture animated walk through how to set it up to a good use, and remember it’s all in the DR’s ( direct referrals).

Buxenger Review and Guide

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