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Buxenger Tutorial

Buxenger is a free desktop software which will help you organize, monitor and view ads on your PTC sites. Not only will it make you organized and help you save some time, but it can also help you build your downline in a very easy and fast way.

First things first, if you want to give this free PTC software a try here’s an 3 step tutorial that will help you get going in no time.


Buxenger Tutorial


Step 1: Download and install Buxenger

Visit the Buxenger.com official site and click on “Download Basic” or simply go and download it directly to your PC by clicking on this download link here.


On the next screan you will need to click on the “Start Download” button and download, as they say, 23.2MB only.

After the download of the file finishes you know what you need to do?

It goes something like this: next, next, next… ( her is it safe to do so, the next,next thing, but be aware of content and software that you download from unverified and unreliable sources cause you might end up with third party software and or malicious code on your PC and these are not so easy to get rid of… )


Buxenger Tutorial

Step 2: Make an account and join a PTC site

After successful installation it is time to start the program. You should open the Buxenger now and after it loads you will be asked for a master password. Because you haven’t created one jet just leave it blank and click the “next” arrow.

This action will take you to the main page of Buxenger where you will be able to see all the PTC sites you can join and manage.

But first it would be vise to create a Buxenger account, so on the top right corner click on “Not logged in” link.

Now you will be taken to the next screen where you will be able to click on “Not Registered? Create an account” link.

Fill in your desired username, email and good strong password. Now you’ll find your self in your options area.

Under Account tab on your right you will find your referral link for Buxenger.

Later on in this tutorial we will show you how will you be using it to gather direct referrals for your PTC programs.

Look for all the steps above in our slider:

Buxenger Tutorial
Buxenger Tutorial
Buxenger Tutorial
Buxenger Tutorial
Buxenger Tutorial

Now to the best part of this wonderful software. While in your “Home tab” you can go and start looking for your PTC sites that you already have joined to and adding them one by one to your Favorites and/or you can go and click on ratings ( the star icon under view options ) to see which PTC sites are interesting to join and add them as well.


NOTE: Pay close attention and do not join the one’s that are not established or legit cause you might get scammed.


Next step is to register with an PTC site of your choice, but remember look for the ones that are established or at least legit PTC programs in the eyes of PTC Investigation, one of the most reliable source of PTC reviews.


buxenger_iconsWe will go and register, for this tutorial purpose, to BuxP PTC site that PTC Investigation seas as an established PTC program.

Drag your mouse to desired PTC site, in our case BuxP.

While you are in the Home tab section go over the PTC sites boxes with your mouse and you will get an set of four icons: Add to ads playlist, View ads now, Register and Login.

We need to click on the register icon.

A new window will popup and you will need to fill in your registration details and hit “Register”.

Your login details will be automatically filled after you hit “Loginin” – the last step of registration.



buxenger_statsYour final job now is to go and organize your existing  PTC accounts that are supported by Buxenger and store them in to your favorites, and also ad them to your Ads Playlist.

You can go and create your self an Ads Playlist with all your PTC programs. All you have to do is find them under “Other websites” and simply click on that “Add to ads playlist icon” which appears in  the box on mouse over.

After setting up few things you can now go and start clicking ads, collecting stats and enjoy with your new Buxenger account.

It really is helpful, ones you set it up to your needs and wishes, and get the hang of it, tool that is going to save you a lot of time and obtain direct referrals for your PTC sites. We’ll talk more about getting DR’s a little later in the article.


Buxenger Tutorial

Step 3: View your paid to click ads

After you register and login to all the PTCs you want, just click on the “Add to Playlist” button and you will see them appear on the ad playlist on the right. Once you have it ready click on “View Ads” at the bottom right corner:


I hope the rest is pretty much self explanatory.You follow the instructions to add PTC ads to your playlist and then click on play.

Now to our last but not lest part. How to get direct referrals using Buxenger and boost you downline a bit.

Buxenger Tutorial

Tip and Tricks: How To Get DR’s

There are tons of ways on how to get direct referrals for your PTC sites. Some of them are complicated and hard, and some, like this one, are easy and really fast. Thanks to Buxenger I was able to get dozens of new referrals in no time and now I’m about to share this simple technique or system with you.

I have written a full review on Buxenger, here at premium-entrepreneur.com, where I have shared, in my article: “Buxenger Review“, my referral link to Buxenger. Some of the visitors who came on this article where good enough and they have downloaded and tried Buxenger for them self’s.

After that my PTC accounts went crazy! I was getting referrals on regular basics to my PTC sites even dough I don’t have that many referrals in my Buxenger account. The best part of this story is I keep getting referrals for my sites without me having to promote those sites individually. It’s like one ring to rule them all!

I will show you now how to get direct referrals for your PTC programs in two easy steps.

Buxenger Tutorial

Step 1: Share your Buxenger referral link



Open your Buxenger and click on account tab at the bottom of the left menu. On the top area of the screen you will see a message saying: “Your personal referral link”. This is your personal referral link which can be used to promote the software.

Under “Promotion Tools” link you will be able to find your other referrals links with more interesting, good looking landing pages that you can also use to promote the tool. Banners and videos for your site and marketing campaigns can also be found in there.

Send this link to people you know or promote it on Facebook, Twiter, etc. You can even pay to create adverts on PTC sites, or you can look for some suggestions her in our article: “How to get Neobux Direct Referrals Free“, and advertise your referral link. I have used this option, especially after seeing how Buxenger referral turns into my referral in more than 10 PTC sites!

Buxenger Tutorial

Step 2: Share your PTC links on Buxenger

This step is very important! You will need to go and add your referral links from those PTC sites that you wish to get referrals fore. To do this, you need to go to Buxenger and, on the same screen as before, click on “Share Links”.


Your job is to add all your PTC sites, that you are registered on, through two options. First, you need to go and look for your sites under “Built-in Websites” option. If the site can be found there your link will be built in automatically by choosing the site from the drop down option and added to the list of sites that you are going to be promoting through Buxenger.

Buxenger only adds websites that are happy to be part of Buxenger, so when a new site gives it’s approval to the Buxenger admins they add it to the list. Make sure to keep an eye on new sites being added so you can join them and share your link as soon as possible. You don’t want to miss any opportunities!

Second option is when you use the “Other Websites” tab. Her you will simply be able to add all other PTC sites that aren’t build in to Buxenger system. Aldo these sites aren’t officially supported by Buxenger you will be able to add them and your Buxenger referrals can also join this sites from Buxenger to.

There are many important PTC sites out there that are not supported by Buxenger like Neobux or Clixsense. Therefore is this option to add them anyway, even if they are not supported, really helpful. I have shared links to this sites and they did get some clicks.

Buxenger Tutorial

Final Thoughts

Buxenger is a must have software. All though not all PTC sites are being included, some of the established and legit ones are, and as time passes by more and more PTC owners are being included.

Buxenger tutorial is a simple guide that is trying to show you all the benefits you’ll get by downloading an installing it locally on to your PC. Time and effort invested in setting up Buxenger is well spent.

The best part of this software is it’s affiliate program which can bring you quite outstanding results in getting direct referrals to your PTC sites. To do so you will need to master basics of online marketing and we can offer you some ideas in our article: “How to get Neobux Direct Referrals Free“.

Buxenger Tutorial


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