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ClickBank Strategy Guide – StartUp Service

ClickBank strategyI won’t lie to you. There is no magical button that you click and then wait for money to pour in. There is no such system out there that will make you instant money over night on the internet, although you probably have seen tons of ads promising you exactly that. Lies and frauds!

If you did your Google research, we strongly encourage you to do so, before every perches, joining or giving your personal information to any program, system out there, you could see that there are few names, systems and online business that do point out as successful.

It is true, you can succeed online as affiliate, vendor, marketeer or with your own business in any niche you choose or idea you might have, as long as you are sincere and determined presenting the system, idea, product that already works for you to other people.

Our ClickBank Strategy Guide will show you the right way to make money online using ClickBank and even give you an idea to start your own system and become a vendor.

If you don’t have an ClickBank account jet it is time for you to create one using this link or banners in this article.

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The one thing every ClickBank affiliate must have

Every day thousands join ClickBank with a dream of becoming their own boss. People have been dragged in to online business that are being promoted all over the internet, promising them instant cash and earnings, with quick setup systems that are “stupid proof” and in the end it all ends up bad for them.

There are over a million inactive ClickBank affiliates and this number will increase and do you know why?

It is because someone has used them and they have been presented with completely wrong picture and knowledge behind affiliate marketing and it’s because they think that affiliate marketing simply involves using their affiliate link in an ad or traffic site or forum signature.

NOTE: Using only your affiliate link, and even pre made landing pages from ClickBank, makes you very limited in getting traffic from the major sources.

If you just use an affiliate link you are very limited in getting traffic:

  • You can’t use Google Ad-words and most other PPC services
  • SEO (search engine optimization) is not possible
  • Article marketing is restricted. Most services ban affiliate links.
  • Forum marketing is restricted. Most forums ban affiliate links.

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How should you do it

To succeed as an affiliate with ClickBank there is one thing you must have. Without a proper RESELLER PAGE you dont stand a chance!

You will find many names for this type of pages. Some call them squeeze pages, others call them landing pages, sells pages, and these names are all different types of sells pages that look different, feel different and are used for different results, but all these different types of reseller page will help you get leads for any business or niche you have or promote.

Squeeze pages are often used to build a downline by collecting emails from thous who land on them, and then these emails are used to advertise through email marketing.

Landing pages are, mostly, pages where you offer a review or recommendation for the product or service that you are trying to sell. Something that encourages the visitor to read on and click through as you explain, for example, the benefits of the product, how it worked for you, what were the results and so on.

NOTE. The truth is that without a blog or site affiliates are doomed to failure.

Now the question is where do you put this page?

There are some who would suggest you that you don’t need nothing more then an affiliate link to start making money with ClickBank. It’s true and you might get lucky promoting an ClickBank product using the premade landing page out of ClickBank market place, but unless you are an top online marketer and know what you are doing, you are doomed to failure!

You will need to be different and distinguish your self out of the majority, and for that you will need your imagination and hosting place where you will be able to create your own sells pages.

Now you might think this involves:

  • experience in setting up web pages
  • the need to understand HTML, CSS…
  • other technicalities

…and yes you are right it does, but there is a simple solution. All you really need is a blog. Putting a presell page on a blog is simply a matter of writing a blog post and pressing the publish button. Then all you have to do is wait to see how your article gets automatically picked up by the search engines.

Now there is still a problem of:

  • choosing the host and deciding on a package size
  • the initial set-up and configuration of the blog

Well, this is where steps in and helps. We will help you choose the right hosting package, domain name (will be FREE!) and set up WordPress using up to date methods to keep your site running clean, fast and safe from hackers.

More detailed information on how to get free WordPress/Blog installation and more extras that are included in to our “Free WordPress Installation” service go and visit this link.

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Thing are getting even better…

This is exactly where others cut you off. You were meant to purchase a service, system or a product through their affiliate link and that’s it. Well with the real fun starts here.

As soon as you make use of any of our services you will become a “PE Tim” member. In this case, if you use our “Free WordPress Installation” service to set up a blog to sell ClickBank products, a registration link will be sent to your email that will allow you to  register and become a member at allowing you to access our Support & Ticket service where you’ll be given all the help you need from us and all the other PE Tim members.

Does personal attention that will help you with your Internet Marketing activities sounds good to you?

You will have 24/7 access to our Support & Ticket system, Forum and our Social Media sites where you’ll have a team of experts to your disposal who can answer all your questions in the key disciplines needed by Internet Marketers such as:

  • Niche research
  • Keyword research
  • Landing pages
  • Email Marketing
  • List building
  • PPC marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Development
  • Scripts
  • Blogs
  • Viral marketing
  • Graphic creation

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Of course, you can always try to set up the whole thing by your self. We even have articles and pages here at that will help you build the whole thing for free.

The only thing with the free option is that you’ll have to put more time and effort in to it and the result will be the same.  In the end you’ll even come to the same conclusion we have long before you: ” There is no need to invent warm water, it’s already invented”.

But, never the less, if you want to go with that path of building it all by your self, we have prepared for you quite few excellent articles and materials on how to build your own website or blog in our exhaustive step-by-step guide FREE WEBSITE MAKER.

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    Just would like to have your opinion about that. My investment is limited so let me know ?
    Thank you again

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