Clicksia and Incentria Shutting Down!? |

Clicksia and Incentria Shutting Down!?


T his news wasn’t sudden to thous who where members of EMS forums but, newer the less, it came as a shock! Both sites, Clicksia and Incentria, owned by the same person Willian Jackson, also known by alias NorthOwl, that he uses at forums, are being shut down for good. The reason for shunting down these two well known and elite PTC sites lies, according to NorthOwl,  in his health.

This will probably be the biggest disappointment in the PTC world of this year and sites are going to be missed by thousands, if not million PTC lovers through out the world.

NorthOwl has been ill for quite some time now and to our chagrin he has decided to shut down both sites even though has had a lot of those interested for purchase. Even as you read this lines there is a thread being lead at EMS forums, growing with each second, wishing him well and begging him to reconsider to sell the site to a new owner or to find a solution that will work for him, just to keep the sites from shutting down, that can be read here at this link.

There are still lot of members from both sites that where unaware of this situation and are now facing jet another disappointment in the PTC world.

Recently we have witnessed closing of promising new PTC site by the name of drClix and one, not so young but really big, by the name of Nerdbux, which was, by the way, bought by well known scammer in the PTC world, but to cut things short look for more informations on these two ” lost PTC sites ” in links behind their names in this article.

The thing that I loved the most at Incentria and Clicksia was their traffic exchange option. If you where in need of traffic to your site or even to your campaigns this was one of the best quality traffic that could be acquired over the net for free. The prices where reasonable and the whole community behind these two sites was exquisite.

incentria_good_byWell, as they say in my country, nothing last forever and all that is good lasts short. Sadly, but after over six years of being around we must say, with utmost regrets, that not one, but two good things in PTC world came to an end.

This is, and will be a really big blow for lot of PTC lovers through out the world and since this is really fresh news the echo is only to be expected.

We wish all the best to Willian J. and hope he will get better and victorious out of the battle that life constantly throws at all of us. One legacy dough from Willian will be left.

In his own words:


Regarding EMS, since it takes hardly any of my time due to the great work of Mak and Money I will continue operating it for the foreseeable future for everyone. IF there comes a point in my health were I cannot even keep EMS going I will make sure it stays online with a new owner. 

EMS forums are one place that every PTC lover should have an account at and constantly be posting and reading about his or other PTC programs out there. These forums are well known flea market of PTC happenings.

I need to say this one more time cause even I hardly cope with the fact – Clicksia and Incentria Shutting Down for good!

Clicksia and Incentria Shutting Down!?

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