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ClixSense release of Sticky Ads

ClixSense release of Sticky Ads came as a fresh breeze in advertising as well as in earning sense. We where quite surprised when we saw the change made by ClixSense admins and we rushed to the forum to see what it’s all about. There was a thread already swarmed by members mostly with good critics and of course, as always, there were some who simply like things to be as they where.

ClixSense Sticky Ads

Complaints about Sticky Ads where mainly directed on them being annoying, but we think that this is a great opportunity for all advertiser out there to , those that are annoyed will get use to it. Get an ad up and running 24h for only $50 at ClixSense is really a bargain. Not getting paid any commissions from your referrals who clicked on sticky ad is a small price you will have to pay to keep them cheap.

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A Sticky Ad is just like any other PTC Advert (Micro, Mini, Standard, Extended) with the following differences:

  • Fixed position at the top of the View Ads page regardless if already clicked or not, however only one click per 24-hour period, during which the advert is active, will credit. Already credited ads will be clearly marked as clicked;
  • 5 seconds timer paying $0.001 per 24-hour click;
  • Pays no referral click commissions, to help keep the price low;
  • Sticky Ads use the new Sticky Ad Credits. Each Sticky Ad Credit gives the right to publish an advert for 24 hours of untargeted and unlimited clicks. The old credits are now called Regular Ad Credits, to help distinguish one from another;
  • Sticky Ads cannot be changed, paused or stopped once active, however, unspent credits may be cancelled before the next day-period starts.

Several Sticky Ad Credits Packs are available, ranging from 1 to 250 days. The larger the pack, the larger the discount. The pricing is as follows:

  • 1 Sticky Ad Credit – $50.00
  • 3 Sticky Ad Credits – $147.00 – 2% discount
  • 5 Sticky Ad Credits – $240.00 – 4% discount
  • 7 Sticky Ad Credits – $329.00 – 6% discount
  • 10 Sticky Ad Credits – $460.00 – 8% discount
  • 15 Sticky Ad Credits – $675.00 – 10% discount
  • 30 Sticky Ad Credits – $1275.00 – 15% discount
  • 60 Sticky Ad Credits – $2400.00 – 20% discount
  • 90 Sticky Ad Credits – $3375.00 – 25% discount
  • 120 Sticky Ad Credits – $4200.00 – 30% discount
  • 250 Sticky Ad Credits – $8125.00 – 35% discount

To purchase Sticky Ad Credits you will need to go to the Manage My PTC Advertising page, then click on the BUY button and select a Sticky Ad Credits Pack. You can distribute your Sticky Ad Credits between all your ads in any way you like. For example, if you purchase 7 Sticky Ad Credits you can use them on 7 different ads.

Furthermore, in an effort to become even more competitive with their PTC advertising they’ve made the following changes:

  1. Price reduction of up to 10% on all Regular Ad Credits Packs.
  2. Extended Ad clicks now pay the same referral commission as Standard Ads;
  3. Extended Ad clicks now require 16 Regular Ad Credits instead of 20 (a 20% reduction).

As it looks we will need to get use to clicking a bit more at ClixSense which is a good thing simply cause they pay their members and are trusted and reliable PTC site so your time there will not be wasted. To get more information about this great PTC program read our article:”ClixSense Review – Established PTC Site“. We wish you all the best in making money online!

ClixSense release of Sticky Ads Separator

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