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Downline Builder With Style – Downlinerefs Review

Strategy on getting direct referralsDownlinerefs is a downline builder with style and one of several referral exchange programs that you can use to acquire your self referrals for your paid to click programs or any other program and/or site you need.

The site functions like traffic exchange site but in fact it is a hard core downline builder with style.  Now, let us explain why is a downline builder with a style.

In order to build your downline you will need to get some credits. Credits are earned either by viewing ads, responding to sign up offers, referring active new members who will earn you credits by being active as well as commissions whenever they upgrade or buy credits and, list but not last, with buying ad credits or by upgrading your account.

One’s you get your self some credits you can spend them eater by posting your link in the advertising area or by giving a certain amount of your credits to people for joining your programs using the request referral section. One of the reasons why this site resembles a traffic exchange sites is one of it’s ways you get credits.

Each time you view other people’s ads, you get page view for your own links. The fastest way to get credits and build your self reputation on is by responding to sign up offers that other people post.  For example, one member is offering 750 credits to other members for joining NeoBux under him/her.

Of course, if you are shy, you can always view other members ads and accumulate credits (though it will take long, long time to get some that way).



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Things we do like about

  • Free advertising – If you can get enough direct referrals for this program you can get quite som credits that can be used for advertising on paid to click sites of your choice
  • PTC friendly – You must know that not all downline builders and traffic exchange sites are PTC friendly. Never the less, this site is so do make use of it.
  • Multiple way to earn credits – This site offers few ways to earn credits.
  • Earn credits by promoting – Whenever you refer new members you get credits.
  • Earn over 5 levels deep – You will receive a share of what your referrals earn over 5 levels deep!
    • Level 1: 10% – Level 2: 10% – Level 3: 10% – Level 4: 10% – Level 5: 10%
  • Build relations – You can also build relationships with fellow members.

Downline builders like ptc business builder and easy downlines can be popular to promote here, especially considering that many people do post ptc sites, traffic exchanges, and safelists on Downline Refs.

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What we do not like about

  •  Low conversion rate – Like any traditional traffic exchange, expect a low conversion rate for your sites (most people will probably view your ads for the credits and that is about it). Lead Capture Pages and Splash Pages can be useful here so feel free to use them.
  • Request referral – If you use the “request referral” feature, don’t expect an immediate response to your offer(s) unless if you are offering lots of credits or have a premium account which will bust up a bit.
  • Variety of members – Every person that responds to your offer is different, so some referrals will be more active than others.
  • Slow credits accumulation – Viewing advertisements can take a while for your credits to accumulate (especially if you are only viewing advertisements) and you do need to have at least 100 or more ad credits before you can post offers. Also, ones your ad credits runs out, your ad(s) will disappear and so you will have to repost the ad(s) once you get enough credits again.
  • No way to contact admin – The site has no forum and there is no way to contact administrator of the site. It is even hard to find your “Message Center” and we will give yo a little trick how to find it. Use this link to access you inbox:

Joining multiple programs can get overwhelming too.  It is possible to join too many sites in the paid to click industry.


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Each time you view ads, you get ad credits that you can use to advertise your own links. So, be sure to view ads regularly. Consider doing sign up offers periodically. They help you to build up your ad credits faster and your reputation too.

The higher your reputation level, the more likely fellow members will want to do business with you and thus fore more direct referrals for your programs. We have put a little article on how to create an” Referral Requests” on so you can see how easy is to set and get direct referrals.

You can also upgrade your account and get bonus credits as well. Also, if you need quick credits, you can always buy some. The bad thing is that they only use Payza and we hope this will soone change. Experimenting will be your best bet for finding out which links are likely to convert better than others.

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