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drClix New PTC Site with Future

drClix is a brand new PTC that just launched today and is looks this new ptc site has big future installed. It is owned by a highly trusted gentleman named John Novak.

This one will be BIG! Be sure to log in now and join this program early. drClixs.com is a free advertising portal that gives customers from all over the world reach thousands upon thousands of potential customers and in addition, members of drClix can earn cash from looking at their advertisers websites in real time.

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There is not much difference in this site from other PTC sites but according to or research the owner can be trusted and thus fore  we think the site has future. drClixs is powered by PTC Evolution script Version 4.60 and for now they have a little over 1500 members. drClix new PTC site with future deffinatly deservse your attention.

drClixs New PTC Site with Future Separator

Little something about drClixs

Terms of service are not that different from all other PTC sites. They don’t like spammers and are family friendly. Minimum payout for upgraded members is $2.00 and free members can get their money after they have earned $4.00.

As a free member you can acquire rented referrals for $0.20 and if you decide to have them on autopay they will cost you $0.0057 and this is all up to 250 referrals. If, for some reason, your rented referrals don’t click you can recycle them for $0.05 for upgraded members and $0.080 for free members.

Cash Out and withdrawal of the money you have earned can be made through PayPal and payments are instant but they will charge a 2% withdrawal fee.  There is only one user allowed per household and they offer five different types of exposure for the PTC Ads.

They are Micro, Standard, Macro, Extended and Fixed. Each has a different exposure time that varies from 5 to 60 seconds and with different options available. They also require a different amount of Ad Credits per click. So, as you can see pretty much the same as on all other PTC sites.

drClixs New PTC Site with Future Separator


This site will soon be on our test list cause, as it all looks it deserves our attention. We strongly encourage you to get early in on this one, but, never the less, the site is new and it got introduced to public today thus fore we would advice you pleas be careful.

Do use it’s forums and check us from time to time cause we certainly will follow drClix and keep you informed.

drClixs New PTC Site with Future Separator

Author: Darko Novak

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