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Earn Extra Money With DigitalGeneration

Earn extra money with DigitalGeneration an international organization with one mission on their minds:” to expand the limits of possibility”. Their goal is to create the most powerful super computer in the world by combining the computational power of all computers. This “super computer” is used to climate modeling, calculating satellite orbits, bio-mechanics and other similar areas.


…A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which Humanity is always landing. And when Humanity lands there, it looks out, and, seeing a better country, sets sail. Progress is the realisation of Utopias. 

– Oscar Wilde, The Soul of Man under Socialism


Earn Extra Money With DigitalGeneration Separator

What is this really about?

DigitalGeneration is supporting this unusual project that, according to them,  will change life and our way of living on this planet to more comfortable and safer place. Their goal is to provide financial support for cutting edge practical research, support developments that for one reason or another will disrupt the status quo (such as alternative fuels or facial recognition software) and to provide support to talented scientists and geniuses.

I cant agree more with their way of thinking and thus fore am giving this software a go, trial period of time, cause if this isn’t a scam, and ideas and reasons that they have are true, we need this more then ever.

What this really is about can be seen, and is quite good explained, in this chart below. In  KISS way, you will be paid for all the power you’ve shared, so the more power your PC shares, the bigger will be your earnings. Minimum that can be earned per day, meaning you will have to let your PC run 24/7, is $1,00.

The process that you will be starting right after you download the DigitalGeneration software is called Thread. Thread is a process that will be automatically started after your computer starts making it perform specific tasks. The catch is that onaly the first thread is for free and if you want to run more threads you will need to perches them. The limit for how many threads you can run is set at 99. But the real limit is your PC and it’s performances cause every thread takes a little bit of  of theirs.


 Earn Extra Money With DigitalGeneration

What do they propose:

  • a working relationship where interaction between participants is both natural and relaxed, and reinforced by confidence in the experience and general competence of the management process.
  • to use the full potential of your computer, which as a rule isn’t used as it should be.
  • the ability to become a participant in a great, in terms of concept and execution.

If you have further interest and some more questions about DigitalGeneration perhaps it would be best you also download this free step by step guide and learn all there is to know about how to register and set this up. This is not our guide and we don’t take any responsibility for any damage done by it’s content.

Download DigitalGeneration Tutorial


Earn Extra Money With DigitalGeneration Separator

How profitable can this be?

They say that the size of your payment will be directly proportional to the time that their application is running on your computer during the previous month. In other words the more threads you take up, the higher will be your income.

After your firs sign up in to your account you will be shown a “Payment Update”. Do to recent problems with Payza their payout system was really shaken. According to their claims everything will soon be repaired and arranged again and this time ability to receive payments on PayPal will be added.

Our recommendation is to always use, in all situations that require sending or receiving money,  PayPal service. PayPal has a considerable fee but with a little better understanding of the service it can be avoided, but the most important thing is that they are here since 1998th and are reliable.

For now DG is not paing, and we hope that they will solve all their problems soone and continue with paying to their memberss. Therefore, you are advised not to invest your money in to this aplication, but if you want to start to test this program start with the first free thred.

We, in the meanwhile, did all the necessary actions that were required in order to verify our account and were able to ask for payment now as soon as they check our credentials. To receive the earned money you will need to prepare a scanned copy of your identity card and paid phone bill and upload them to your profile. Hope they start paying soon!

Earn Extra Money With DigitalGeneration
Earn Extra Money With DigitalGeneration

  • 02.22.2014. Even dough our documents have been successfully validated, we are still unable to cash out. Nearly a month has passed now since we first registered with DigitalGeneration and, besides these cash out delays, we aren’t experiencing any problems using our first free thread. DigitalGeneration Payment Request
  • 01.29.2014. provided scanned copies of our ID & Phone Bill to verify account status for payouts
  • 01.26.2014. Day that we started testing DigitalGeneration
  • 05.01.2014. – This is a scam! We cant get our earned money out and they only want you to pay them their threads, more and more of them. You are being used!
  • 04.01.2014. Still payment cannot be done.
  • 02.21.2014. Our documents are successfully validated! We can start requesting payout.
  • 01.27.2014. Changes to the payment gateway – approved by a European bank
  • 01.27.2014. Making update to the script to enable PayPal payments


We have taken upon their offer and have started to test this software. We have it runing 24/7 now for five days and no funny business or awed appearances were noticed. The only thing we noticed so far, the only thing that has caught our aye is that the earnings from DigitalGeneration are exactly as they where presented by it’s owners.

If you are also interested in testing this software feel free to use our “Sign Up Now” link and let us know what you think of this by posting an comment in this articles comment section. We have added our referral link in to it to test their affilate oportunitie that they give for referring new users to their program.

Earn Extra Money With DigitalGeneration

Earn Extra Money With DigitalGeneration Separator


For now the DigitalGeneration software is acting normal. Nothing unusual has been detected and it has been running smooth now for five days on 10% of CPU load. The whole time that the thread was running occasionally the computer was used for some simple actions like listening to the music, watching videos and browsing, all dough browsers tend to maximize CPU usage, no interference or downfall in performance was noticed.

So, as it looks all is going well wit this DigitalGeneration software but as far as for the paying part goes nothing seams to be right. Although the thought of giving access to your PC to someone and neither more nor less than 24/7, sounds  frightening, for the purpose of testing and giving opportunitie to Digitaklgeneration we looked away for a second and started to test the service.

Without further complications and lengthening suspicions “it is to good to be true” turned out to be, one’s again, true. This golden rule should always be applied when it comes to online business: ” if it’s to good to be true then it is so!”

This is high class and quality fraud where they drag you in to spending money to buy new threads where you are willingly giving them all your precious personal info and data to them for selling or, only God knows what kind of other, abuse. Avoided in big loop!


Earn Extra Money With DigitalGeneration Separator

Author: Darko Novak

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  1. So this is a SCAM ?

    Did you manged to pay out your money ?

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    • Hi Radek 🙂
      No I was not able to get a penny out of them and no help was given from support either.
      I stopped harassing my PC with their software cause the only one getting something out of
      this relationship is them.
      In my opinion they are SCAM and as you can go and research on the
      google, bing and yahooo so do many other people to.

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