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eobot – Money Making Machine

Eobot is a peace of software that will make you easy money and just by signing up you’ll get 5$ in your balance immediately. All you need to do is visit their site and download the software from it. Now what does eobot actually do? It performs intense math calculations to create and mine virtual currencies.  It uses whatever cryptocurrency at the time that produces the most profit.

eobot - Money Making Machine

eobot - The Money Making Machine Separator

How It Works

There are few simple steps you need to follow in order to make this all work. You will need to:

1. Create an account.

All you need, to be able to create an account at eobot.com, is an email. We recommend that you use an email of your PayPal account cause your earnings will be sent to it. The account is made with purpose of tracking your balance and sending it to your Paypal.

2. Download and run the software.

You can download it from here. After you download the software you will need to unpack it to a directory of your choice and run the eobot.exe file.

3. Get paid!

Depending on your computer, the amount you will earn varies. Running the software will tell you in real-time how much you are earning.

Approximate Rates/Examples


  • eobot proof of paymentHigh End Gaming Machine ~ $100 a month
  • Low End Gaming Machine ~ $25 a month
  • High End Server/Laptop (no graphics card) ~ $5 a month
  • Low End Server/Laptop (no graphics card) ~ $1 a month

Why It Works


Eobot software uses your extra CPU or GPU (graphics card) processing power and performs intense mathematical operations for research, foreign exchange, and cryptography. At no time is your computer unsafe, opened up to third parties, releasing your data, doing anything you wouldn’t want, or used for anything illegal. You should note that you will be paying for power/electricity and your computer may produce extra heat (although this won’t damage anything, assuming your computer isn’t clogged with dust). If you have any further questions you can feel free to contact eobot’s admins they will be glad to answer any of your questions swiftly!


Eobot’s features you’ll LOVE


  • ScaleThey offer a fully scaleable service. You may run it on 1 – 1000 computers and on any cutting edge processor or graphics card. The more computer power, the more money you will earn.

  • Worldwide serviceYou may run this from anywhere…USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, or even the moon (assuming you have Wifi on the moon).

  • Uptime 24/7So you can relax and sit down while your computer makes you money. They will make sure their server and payouts are always running normally.

  • Instant payoutsBecause time is money, choose them and you can start earning money immediately. Feel free to withdraw any amount over $0.01, whenever you want, for free. We just did that to see if it’s for real and where surprised when, almost instantly, our paypal account recived a payout.

  • Excelent supportAll their support team staff know what they are doing. Feel free to contact them 24/7. And 24/7 support it is! Recently we needed a little intervention and they convinced us that it’s true.

  • Money guaranteeThey have segregated contingency bank accounts, so whatever your balance, you can be assured no hacker can take your money away and you will be paid!

Payment Recieved by eobot
Eobot proof

Their Competition


There aren’t other companies doing what they do, although that will likely change. But there are a few similar so we’ll list them here so you can compare how eobot is better. You can try to use them at same time to make more money, although you will make more by running our software alone and giving it all your computer’s resources.

  •  Cash Gopher (pays out approx. 90% less, plus you can’t scale up by using additional computers)
  •  Gomez Peer (complicated, uses your computer to stress test websites, has a maximum earnings of $45)
  •  Rublik (site is Russian and translated badly, pays out approx. 75% less, they recently added Paypal option)


Referral Program


eobotYou earn 1% for every user that you refer. You can refer an unlimited number of people. You will also earn 1% for every person they refer, and so on, for 5 levels down. You don’t need to do anything and you can collect money!

You refer 5 people: Suppose each makes $20 a month, 5*$20=$100 a month total. You will make 1% of $100, or $1 a month.

You refer 5 people, and they refer 5 people, and so on 5 levels down: Suppose each makes $20 a month, 5*5*5*5*5*$20=$62500 a month total. You will make 1% of $62500, or $625 a month.



Important Info About the eobot

  • 27/04/2014. The site has new looks and it’s community keeps getting bigger and bigger.

    03/10/2013. Testing it for whole 4 months now using only CPU and I am prety satisfied with the results. Tested it two time regarding payout and they checked all right both times! As with all like programs the power lies in referrals. They have quit good referral program. Check it out and have no fear premium-entrepreneur.com team has tested this and approved it as legit!

  • 25/05/2014.  Added textbox to enable the purchase of Cloud with partial coin balances, instead of only your full balance.

    20/04/2014. They now offer 24 hour rentals for Cloud Mining. You can choose between SHA-256 or Scrypt.

    25/01/2014. Embeddedable iframe that allows users to convert BTC to PayPal removed.

    07/11/2013. a new tool for developers (you don’t need to know how to code) to add an advertisement/banner/widget on your site. Embeddedable iframe allows users to convert BTC to PayPal.

    • Receive 50% of the commission generated from the sale. Choose the fee yourself. For example, choose 4% fee, and Eobot receives 2% and you receive 2%. If 1.0 BTC was converted/sold at $150.00, the user would receive $150 – 4% = $144 to their PayPal. The $6 fee would be split, so you would receive a credit for $3 to your account.
    • No Eobot account is required for the user, but you are required to have an Eobot account to receive your commission.

    01/10/2013. They are now selling a USB device, just like a USB flash memory drive. You can buy as many as you want and use multiple on the same computer.

    10/08/2013. Deposit – withdraw – convert between USD/$ and Bitcoin and Litecoin added. You may do this in any order. For instance, you may deposit Litecoin and then convert it to Bitcoin and withdraw that Bitcoin. Or you may deposit Bitcoin and convert it to cash/USD/$ and withdraw it to PayPal.


eobot - Money Making Machine

eobot - The Money Making Machine

General Conclusion:

Eobot has really come a long way from it’s beginnings and it is turning in to a great opportunity and easy way to mine without investing. This peace of software is safe and it hasn’t caused any harm to our computer all dough we have been using it almost every day now for past six months.

But, to earn some serious cash or coins with it you will need to use your marketing skills and find your self some referrals by promoting it out there over the net. Simply by letting it run on your PC, even if you are having really great machine, won’t cut it and you’ll soon drop out of the game.

eobot - The Money Making Machine

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