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Hits4Pay Strategy Guide to Online Success

strategijaCompany that has reputation and is online and paying it’s members since 2001. is a must join online program. The fact that it is free to use and every member has equal rights makes Hits4Pay even more desirable.

There are no upgraded memberships here at Hits4Pay and every member receives the same benefits and just by joining you will given a $5 signup bonus!

Hits4Pay has very friendly staff who are answering your requests quickly if you are having any questions and on top of it all they always pay on time.

This strategy guide is for Hits4Pay members or anyone interested in learning how to earn money online with hits4pay.com. Once you have read our overview of the program, you can join by clicking any of the hits4pay.com banners below.

Hits4pay is a free rewards program that pays it’s members, on time, to view email ads and invite new members.   Hits4Pay Strategy Guide to Online Success Separator

Part 1: Getting Started

What is Hits4Pay?

Hits4pay is an online rewards club that shares it’s advertising revenue with their members. Members are paid to read advertisement emails from companies, and invite others to join the program.  Hits4pay matches their special offers and deals with the interest categories that you choose when you set up your account so that you only receive offers that may be of interest to you and you get paid for viewing each ad and website that you visit!

How do I earn money with Hits4Pay?

There are two basic ways in which you can make money from Hits4Pay:

  • Read advertisement emails from companies
  • Invite others to join the program

 How much money can I make?

Hits4pay pays $0.02 per each ad you view.  This is the highest rate for paid emails in the industry.  If you invite your friends and refer others online using simple referring methods you will earn $0.01 for every ad viewed by your direct referrals and $0.01 for every ad viewed by your referral’s referrals.  This can add up to a lot of ads being viewed!


time tested and proven


How do I get started?

Hits4Pay Strategy Guide to Online Success pointers If you have not already signed up for LegacyClixs, click on any of the LegacyClixs banners within the guide to join or sign up here.

NOTE: You need to treat this like a business and for all businesses to be successful they must institute certain disciplined routines. If you are going to be successful with Hits4Pay then you need to do the same.

After you have read through the Terms of Service do enter your best email and click the button to verify your email. Verification email will be sent and you need to go and verify it but please be sure you check your spam box to if the mail isn’t in your inbox.

A signup form will be offered and you need to fill it with valid information in order to be approved. When you get approved you will need to go in to your Account tab and edit all your info. You should ensure that your entire profile  including the “How would you describe yourself” section is filled with valid information.

The last step before you start recieving ads to view in your internal mailbox is to go and edit your Interest Categories with a maximum of 25 interests.  You can find this page under the Account Tab.

Hits4Pay Strategy Guide to Online Success Separator

Part 2: Start Reading eMails

Ads are available at the different times per day so it is a good idea to check your internal inbox at different times even if you don’t get any email alerts to your email inbox.

Goal #1 Log in a couple of times per day

Since you need to enter your ads interests it is a good practice to change from time to time your Interest categories cause it might bring you slight increase in ads revenue. The amount you earn depends on your activity and thous of your referrals.

Sad thing about this program is that ads are geo-targeted and if you are not from North America or Western Europe, you will get less advertisements. But, never the less, if you succed to build your downline, and we are here to show you just how you can do that, your earning will fly!

Remember that this is a completely free program and worth the time and effort!

This is the breakdown of what you earn per ad viewed:

  • Your Ad Views: $0.02 per email viewed
  • Your 1st Level Referrals: $0.01 per email Viewed
  • Your 2nd Level Referrals: $0.01 per email viewed

Earnings Example (not including 2nd Level Referrals):

  • You click 5 ads per day = $0.10
  • 50 1st level referrals click 5 ads per day = $5.00
  • Your daily earnings = $5.10
  • Your weekly earnings = $35.70
  • Your monthly earnings = $142.80

Key to success is, as you can see from above presented facts, to learn how to build your downline and this is something that we can help you with this article of ours: “Downline Builder With Style – Downlinerefs Review“.

This only leads to very important fact and our second goal which is help your new members learn to do the same that you do so that they can build their earnings as well.

Goal #2 Help your new members learn to build downline

The reason why you need to teach your referrals all that you know about Hits4Pay and how to get referrals lies in the fact that their referrals are your 2nd level and you earn from them to!

In our part 3 we will show you some hints and good practice on obtaining direct referrals for your business.


Hits4Pay - Try it for free and get $5!


Hits4Pay Strategy Guide to Online Success Separator

Part 3: Refer New Members

There is always someone interested in making money online the legit way. You just need to be smart enough to step right in front of  him/her while he/she is searching for the ways how to succeed. There is no one way secret formula for it and you will be faced with tons of methods on how to but the key is to find the one’s that work for you for that program.

We will talk a bit more about how to in our part 4 and here we will be concentrating on guidelines Hits4Pay is very affectionate fore.

It is extremely important that you follow Hits4pay’s Advertising Guidelines and always be honest about what Hits4pay is when promoting your referral link. Here are the Guidelines from Hits4pay:

We want our members to earn as much as they can, because our success as an advertising firm depends on honest and legitimate member participation. But we will not tolerate SPAMMING using our affiliate links or false representation of Hits4Pay program. Please abide by the policies below. Any account found to violate the following policies will be terminated without further notice.

No Spamming Of Any Kind

Please do not use unsolicited email marketing to promote hits4pay. We take SPAM complaints very seriously. If you are not sure what SPAM is, please educate yourself by reading the current SPAM laws here.

No Multiple Accounts

Please do not create multiple accounts. We monitor all accounts carefully before approval. Only one account per household. Do not sign up from a Internet Cafe or local library.

No False Advertising

Misrepresenting a company and it’s program is illegal.

Hits4Pay is NOT:

  • an employment opportunity.
  • a get-rich-quick scheme to make money.

What Hits4Pay is:

  • a way to earn some extra cash by viewing email ads from our advertisers.

Do Not Charge A Fee For Hits4Pay Membership – Hits4pay is completely free for anyone to signup. Members are not allowed to charge a fee to introduce hits4pay.”

TIP:Once you start getting referrals for your Hits4pay account you should always welcome them and offer to help them learn the program. See Part 5

Hits4Pay Strategy Guide to Online Success Separator

Part 4: Submit your referral link onWWW and get Free DRs

There are many ways to acquire DRs… YouTube, Facebook, word of mouth, forum signatures, AdWords, and a list of places towards the end of the guide! These are all valid and I encourage you to use any marketing skills that you have to promote your Hits4Pay business.

Check out our article on How to get Neobux Direct Referrals free! It is filled with great info about how to get direct referrals for any PTC/GPT program out there.

This guide can be a powerful tool for you to get free direct Hits4Pay referrals without spending money or much time getting them! Not only that, but Hits4Pay referrals that sign up using the guide are more likely to understand how to use Hits4Pay properly… this will make you more money and help them be successful as well. It’s a win-win!


TIP: You should do this now because you may get some DRs now and then for free!
TIP: There is a lot of focus on rented referrals, but the people who make really good money make direct referrals a priority as well.

Hits4Pay Strategy Guide to Online Success Separator

Part 5: Email and Offer Help to Your Referrals

A welcome email to your new referrals is always a good idea. So, soon after they sign up to Hits4pay send the one and let them know that you are there to help them if they have any questions.  In the email you should provide helpful tips about the program and teach them how it works.  I’ve made this part super easy for you by providing a welcome email you can edit and use to send to your new referrals.

Goal #3 Set your welcome email

Sample Welcome Email:


Thank you for joining Hits4Pay.com. My name is [YOUR NAME], and I am glad you joined my team. I just want to remind you that you can log in to your Hits4Pay account and read paid emails from your Internal Mailbox. If you need my help with anything concerning your Hits4Pay account, please email me and I’ll be glad to help.

It’s all the same to me what your attentions are regarding Hits4Pay, to make some simple pocket change here and there, or to make good money with this program, I am here for you either way. Problems might occur or you’ll have questions of any kind you are welcome to email me. I will do what ever is in my power to help and will not leave you hanging.

It usually takes approximately 24 hours to have you registered with the company (most times this happens much quicker so check periodically). While you’re waiting for account approval you can familiarize yourself with the Hits4pay website.

In order to receive the most emails possible every day I would suggest changing your category selection in your Members Area to include the categories listed below after your registration is complete. (To change your category selection, click on “Edit Categories” on the right hand side in your Member Area under Manage Account.)

  • Webmaster Tools
  • Web Hosting
  • Marketing Tools
  • Internet Advertising And Promotion
  • Work At Home Opportunities
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Multi Level Marketing

For optimal results, make sure to choose the maximum of 25 categories. Further, please note that the “best” categories to choose vary with the time of year and are not always these examples. If you find you’re receiving less emails after a weeks or so, I would suggest changing your interest categories to see if that helps.

For more tips and advice about making the most of your Hits4pay membership you can go to: http://premium-entrepreneur.com

If you have any questions please do not hesitate and contact me.

Happy ad reading!




One thing you need to keep always in mind is to stay in touch with your referrals by emailing them about once per month to help keep them motivated and teach them about inviting others to Hits4pay so that they can earn more money with this great rewards program.

Just show them this website and teach them to follow the step by step process just like you are doing.  I hope this site has helped you learn how to build your earnings in Hits4pay!

Hits4Pay Strategy Guide to Online Success Separator

Final Thoughts

Life is full of people who will say anything to get what they want. Watch out for those people! Hits4Pay is not a get rich quick program, but you can certainly earn significant additional income if treated like a job/business. The examples used in this guide are accurate, however you should understand that not all of your DRs will give you clicks everyday… some will give more, some will give less.

So in that sense, the examples are accurate, but your experience will vary a little. Obviously I cannot promise you wealth, but I can guarantee that you will earn money with Hits4Pay Strategy Guide!

Hits4Pay Strategy Guide to Online Success Separator

Author: Darko Novak

Founder and chief editor of premium-entrepreneur.com, He's a Blogger, WordPress / Web developer, System administrator and an online marketing fanatic. He's also (and more importantly) the father to a sons called Noel and the husband of a lovely wife called Dunja.

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  1. Have you received at least one payment from this site? I am a members for years but still far from cashout :\

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    • I got paid ones and all because of direct referrals 🙂 It is cause I’m from Croatia and this program is only meant to be for users from North America

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      • Thanks for the reply, so did you had to send your tax info? That worries me because I am also from Europe!

        Post a Reply
        • No, just doped to my PayPal without giving them any TAX info… these are small amounts to be worried about – 25$ is not that big of a deal 🙂

          Post a Reply
  2. H4P owner sold his home, changed his phone numbers and never paid out any money owing from 2017 prior to closing the doors on H4P… HOWEVER he is still running DealsNcash but no longer replies to eMails or phone calls there either 🙁

    I have moved on to better things now

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