How to get Neobux Direct Referrals Free |

How to get Neobux Direct Referrals Free

NeoBux referrals freeW will show you how to get NeoBox direct referrals free! Well, most people believe that if they get 1,000 visitors to the guide and 10 click-throughs that they should have at least 1 Direct Referral.

In some cases, this is a good belief, but in other cases, it is impossible. If you get 1,000 visitors to the guide who already use Neobux, none of them will sign up under you, even if they all click through!

This causes frustration when promoting Neobux… so many people already know about it so how can you get direct referrals when everyone already knows about Neobux?

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The answer is simple

In order to get direct referrals, you must advertise to people who are not already Neobux users, and you must give them a reason to think about what they will gain from joining, and what they will regret if they do not join. When it comes to money, it is easy… everyone wants it and everyone regrets not having more of it!

If you simply promote your NeoBux This realy is a great way to make money onlinelink, and tell people “A greeat way to make money” … well, they will likely ignore it because we have all heard so many “get rich quick” schemes. But, when you promote your Neobux link with guide people are given a lot of information about how it is a business that takes some effort, but will make them significant income in the future.

They are shown how to use Neobux and given a co-op to help them! You can advertise your Neobux account like you normally do, just send them to the (your or any ) guide first… it makes recruiting more effective!


 Neobux Direct Referrals Free Proof 
 NeoBux proof of referrals 


So where SHOULD I advertise?

Now that you know what to advertise (to the guide with your referral links in it!), it is time for where to advertise! There are a lot of places to advertise and everyone wants to sell you something. Quality ads are what get direct referrals and keep that in mind all the time! This business will only prosper if you concentrate on how to get direct referrals! Here are some hints how to get them for free but, as soon as you get to make some money through NeoBux or any other PTC site it’s recommended to spend some on advertising.

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  • The #1 place you should be advertising is on this site!  In order to get NeoBux direct referrals or for that matter direct referrals for any PTC program you can become a contributor or even administrator on this site by simply writing an article regarding any PTC site or something regarding earning money over PTC/GPT sites, or for that matter any other money making idea that you have tested and it’s working for you but you need it to be advertised, feel free to contact us and your account will be adjusted according to your contribution and you will be able to insert your referral links in to any article that you write here at So, you are essentially advertising on this site. You can pay $1.00 CPM by advertising on PTC sites, or you can pay nothing and advertise here by writing articles. Contact us at with subject: “Want to advertise on by contributing” and become contributor, author or even administrator at and start posting your referral links!

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  •  Downline builder sites: This is my favorite way to get referrals. It works great and you can do it for free! Join and earn some free credits. People on are looking for PTC programs to join and you will get some DRs this way! In my experience this is one of the best ways getting direct referrals! I strongly suggest that you register not more then two PTC  programs at the beginning. As time will pass by and you start feeling comfortable with the two PTC sites of your choice you will be able to expand to another PTC programs. By then you should be able to distinguish the good one’s from the bad one’s.  Now, to be 100% positive you picked the right two PTC programs I strongly suggest you to use NeoBux and ClixSense. These two are bulletproof! Start clicking on them and go and use downline builder sites to get your self  “Direct Referrals” cause they are the key!

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  •  Social Media: I’m starting to like this social media marketing. I got me bunch of free NeoBux direct referrals this way! I will give you one hint, a free advice, on this and after you read it just sit for a moment and think. Presuming you have an FaceBook profile. If you don’t have it please do make one it’s for your own good cause you won’t be using it for fun it will be making you money. The trick is not in your profile but in the groups. Now follows pure math. Let say you join around 200 groups and each has more than 4000 members. What do you think would happen if you post your referral link, for example for NeoBux, with proofs that it really pays, to all thous 200 FaceBook Groups that you have joined to!?

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  •  Forums/Blogs: Forums are a great place to get referrals. You can start by looking for direct referrals at our own forums. You will not get a lot of clicks to the guide, but people who click your forum link are more likely to read the guide and join Neobux than a lot of other traffic sources. Do a search on Google for “how to earn online forum” or “work from home forum” or something like that and you will find a lot of places to post! Put a link there to this guide and add your referral link in comment here  at the bottom, just post like normal… talk about the weather if that is what people are talking about and your signature link will still get clicks occasionally, and by people who are interested! Create your own blog. Use our FREE WEBSITE MAKER Guide to build your blog/site from scratch for FREE!

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  • Other websites: Yahoo Answers, Wiki Answers,, etc

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  •  PPC ads: I use Bing and Google Adwords for PPC ads. It can be expensive, but you get good quality visitors. Do a Google search for “cheap PPC ad networks” and you will find a lot of choices!

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  •  Classified ads: The best places to advetise are the ones that take a moment to do. Some of my favorite free places to post are and Additionally, I do a search on Google for “free classifieds” or “post free classified ads” Pick a site or two each day (or as you have time) and post ads.

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  • PTC sites: I always use PTC sites even though the quality is low – However, I usually only do monthly or weekly ads Doing longer term ads works better because sometimes a person needs to see the same ad a few times before trying it out! You will eventually get DRs from them, but do not expect a whole lot. The reason I still do it is because I know that there are Neobux users who will read the guide and the more  members read this, the more quality traffic we will generate if people follow these instructions!

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  • Traffic exchanges: I always use traffic exchanges as well, although like PTC sites, the quality is low. Newer the less, you will eventually get DRs from them too, but again, do not expect a whole lot. The reason I mention thes services is free unlimited trafic to your blog/site that you can acuire without spending and thus for I suggest you join them. – Your Free Traffic Exchange – 1:1 Exchange Ratio, 5-Tier Referral Program. FREE Advertising!
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If you follow these steps you will know how to get NeoBux direct referrals free and you’ll have no problems in pouring them in to your NeoBux account. This methods can be used on almost every PTC program/site out there.

There are few more things that will come in handy in obtaining direct referrals like knowing how to create your own blog/site. Soon we will cover that to and then you’ll have all the needed tools at one place. Be sure to add us to your bookmarks  and/or newsletter and visit for more new exciting articles.

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Author: Darko Novak

Founder and chief editor of, He's a Blogger, WordPress / Web developer, System administrator and an online marketing fanatic. He's also (and more importantly) the father to a sons called Noel and the husband of a lovely wife called Dunja.

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  1. Hi Darko, I must say this is a very useful article for people who are looking for getting direct referrals for Neobux. I have tried a lot of different methods. Some strategies worked and some didn’t. Using would be a smart choice for people which low budget. With just a few dollars, you can get 1000s views on your ads. If you try some good landing page to convert your visitors to referrals, they will do wonders for you. I am saying this from my experience. I tried it and the result was astounding.

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    • Thank you Tamal that is a really good advice. But, bare in mind not to use the link shorten services as ads on your sites before you have great articles and visitors count…

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  2. neobux is the best PTC site in the World.I’ve earned over from neobux $120 pure profit within first 4 months.100% active RRs.$2 minimum cashout.Every standard member get $0.01 ads on after the first month.Hurry try yourself now..! neobux

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  3. Here is Easy way to get Direct referrals for Clixsense and Neobux.

    This is 100% Free method, just follow the instructions provided in video.

    Watch this short video –

    If you are not interested share it with your friend, it might help them.

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  4. Easiest and fastest way of earning money without investment. Must try!

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  5. Blogs are the best way to get direct referrals. I have even tried advertising on many PTC sites. But, all went waste.

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