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Legacyclix Review – PTC Site Under Test

PTC Site Under Test

Launched on December 4. 2013 Legacyclix is a new Paid to Click program. TimTech company, owners of NerdBux, have recommended Legacyclix and since that event a big fuss about the site was spread. 

Due to latest events that have occurred with TimTech and Nerdbux turning in to scam site and got soled to well known scammer we hope that these recommendations don’t actually harm the site in its path to successful PTC site.

TimTech are not the owners of Legacyclix ( thank God ) they are simply promoting the site. Real owners of the site are Marcus Wahl, Ken Locatelli and Rodney Hage. They also own few traffic exchange programs LegacyHitsSocialadsurf and NinjaSurf and other advertising programs. 

Legacyclix is their debut on PTC territory with whom they want to win this market. As on other PTC programs this one has also made possible for it’s members to earn by viewing advertisements and completing signup offers. 

So far, although it’s a relatively new PTC program, all looks good with Legacyclix and thus fore we have it on our Under Test List, with hopes soon to be on our next level list, that is legit sites.


Legacyclix - Try it for free!


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Things we do like about Legacyclix.com:

  • Paying – Legacyclix is paying its members and payment proofs can be found on their website. We too got paid from them.

Legacyclix proof
Legacyclix proof

  • Affiliate System – You can refer up to 100 new members to Legacyclix. It’s not unlimited, but 100 direct referrals should be a solid referral base that will help you to increase your daily earnings.
  • Daily Payments – Payments to members are processed daily, within an hour after being requested (as per their FAQ).
  • Free Worldwide Service – There are no registration restrictions, people from all over the world can join as a member for free. Users can make money without having to invest any money to get started.
  • Fixed Minimum Payout – You can request payment as soon as you reach at least $4.00 in your account balance. The minimum payout is fixed and does not increase after each cash out, and this is a good thing, there is no stepped cash out system or high minimum payout requirements.
  • Buxenger Supported Site Buxenger is a free desktop software that helps you organize, monitor and view ads from your numerous PTC website accounts. With Buxenger you can view all your accounts statistics and overall summary in one screen, view ads from all accounts and also create new accounts on multiple websites at the same time.
  • Forum – They have a forum. In our opinion, a PTC site should have a forum. The forum is a place where members and staff can communicate with each other. Members can post their success stories or doubts, post payment proofs, share the experience that they had with the site, ask for support and stay informed about the recent changes made to the site. Usually, on the forum you can notice first issues, so called red flags by other users. If members complain about non-payments or payment delays, then most likely the site is experiencing issues.

Legacyclix Review  - PTC Site Under Test Separator

What we do not like about Legacyclix:

  • New Program – Site is under a year old and thus for we do not recommend buying memberships on Legacyclix or, for that matter, on any new sites that are under a year old, particularly not on Bux and nTeN powered sites. Why? Well, most of them turn into a non-paying sites. In our opinion, it would be better to wait some time until the site proves that it is stable and sustainable, rather than invest in the early phase and risk to lose your investment if the site stops paying. Be sure to test a new site if you plan to invest upfront. It is very important to do your research before doing so. Since we can’t predict the Future and tell you which sites will turn out to be good and which will be bad, we do not  recommend investing and/or buying memberships in new sites that are under a year old. Never the less, if you go and invest in to new PTC site don’t go and over do it and invest only that that you can afford to lose.

 Important Info About the Site

    • Number of Ads: 60+/-
    • Average Daily Earnings without referrals: $0.06 +/-
    • Earnings per referral clicks – 50% from ads value . You must view at least 4 advertisements each day to continue to earn from your referrals the next day.
    • Sign up Offers – Members can earn by completing PTSU Offers ($0.05 per completed offer). If you have followed the instructions and completed the offer successfully, the advertiser will approve the offer then the money will be automatically credited to your account.
    • Cashout Options and Conditions – Payments are made through PayPal and Solid Trust Pay. The minimum amount required for cashout is fixed at $4.00 and it does not increase after each payout request. Payments to members are processed daily. The withdrawal time frame for free members is 7 days.
    • Security captcha – They have added captcha to their site and we support that. This is one way to deal with all thous who use boots and are destabilizirani sites balance. Do not try to get around it as it will lead to account suspension. The captcha could be case sensitive so you need to enter exactly what it shows you. It looks like this:Legacyclix captcha
    • Script: PTC Evolution
    • Owner: Marcus Wahl, Ken Locatelli and Rodney Hage (USA)
    • January 15, 2013 – Solid Trust Pay has been added as new payment option.
    • December 22, 2013 – added to the “under test sites list”


Legacyclix - Try it for free!

Legacyclix Review  - PTC Site Under Test Separator

General Conclusion:

We caught this one early. Our Legacyclix review showed that the site is paying without issues, but as with any new PTC, our suggestion would be to test the site, do your research and make sure it is a reliable opportunity if you are considering to upgrade your account.

Legacyclix must get on our legit sites list, if that doesn’t happen we will be disappointed. The site is very young but it is owned by a team of people who have previous experience operating in the Traffic Exchange industry.

Paid to click sites are completely different from TE but experience that owners of Legacyclix have gathered over the years must count for something. We have a good feeling about this one!

Legacyclix Review  - PTC Site Under Test Separator

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