Neobux Referrals Handy Manager Review |

Neobux Referrals Handy Manager Review

photoNeobux Referrals Handy Manager, hereinafter referred to as NRHM, is the ultimate solution for managing Neobux rented referrals.

If you are in to PTC sites and Neobux wasn’t your first PTC program that you have joined you already have made your first Paid To Click mistake!

This article is actually all about stopping you to do another crucial PTC mistake, renting referrals without taking into account off all the difficulties and uncertainties that awaits you along that rental path.

If you really want to succeed by renting referrals at Neobux this is a must have software in you collection of PTC tools.

Neobux Referrals Handy Manager Review

Free Vs. Paid NRHM Version

There are two versions of NRHM. The Community version of NRHM is free for use for unlimited time so that you get a glimpse of how powerful and useful NRHM is, and then there is the Full version with features and advanced capabilities that will  help you gain 100% control over all of yours rented referrals, no matter how much referrals you have.

We are not going to waist much time on explaining how this software works cause there is a very good tutorial section at the official NRHM site with great video material on how to install, setup and use the NRHM to manage rented referrals. A small, pretty much self explanatory, presentation of “how to” can be seen below displayed in images.

Neobux Referrals Handy Manager Review
Neobux Referrals Handy Manager Review

This software works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and canbe downloaded here. You have to install Microsoft .net framework version 2.0 or above. And you have to run the software as administrator especially on windows Vista, 7 and 8.

Neobux Referrals Handy Manager Review

Why is NRHM ultimate solution for managing Neobux rented referrals?

NRHM_recycling_assistance_wizardNRHM has very user friendly graphical interface that you quickly get used to is designed carefully so you can visualize how your referrals are performing there fore you will easily and quickly spot bad clickers.

Statistics are so detailed and well managed that you’ll be able to see each referrals history, analysis, graphs up to 240 days long.

No more recycling drama and reluctance weather to recycle or not. NRHM will help in taking the most correct recycling decision by using very sophisticated sorting and filtration features not even supplied by Neobux itself.

There is an option to save and reuse up to 9 different filters which makes it very easy to switch quickly between filters and their corresponding filtered referrals.

Average change over time can quickly be determined and you will see weather the referral is having decreasing/increasing average.

NRHM has very accurate earnings and profit calculation which takes into account the number of referrals, memberships and manual recycling fees. These factors are integrated together plus the fact that they are subject to change with time.

You have up to 9 flags to group your referrals according to your strategy and there is option to associate a description for each flag to know what each group of referrals have in common such as profit percentage, bad clickers and so on.

Another great feature is that you can use automatic flags assigning to let the software automatically group your referrals for you based on their last 30 days profit or based on the saved filters matching.

The software will assist you on recycling your rented referrals in a way that minimizes significantly the time and effort required.

Fast and easy to start utilizing it as your method of managing your referrals, even if you have months of old exported referrals data files. Just import them as one or few batch(es) and you are ready to go.

Easily update your referrals data by just pasting the copied exported referrals data from Neobux directly to Neobux Referrals Handy Manager.

Neobux Referrals Handy Manager Review

What existing customers say about this software?

Hey yahiatnt, Last days my average has begun to drop dramatically, then I started to work on my recycle strategy and with the help of your software I spotted a lot of unprofitable RRs that had a high average but with a bad profit for the last 7-15 days (minus profit). Now my average is profitable again. Thank you so much! I’m not the excel guy, hate to do a lot of work to import every day the RR list. So without your software I would have given up a long time ago.
Hi! I love your software very much. I used to spend a lot of time everyday copying my rented referrals on a spreadsheet in Excel, but now using this software it only takes me some seconds. I also save a lot of time when it comes to recycling referrals thanks to the many filters your software provides. Because of all that I am so happy! This software does what it has to do: helping you to save your own time, automating many tasks and making it so easy.
The full version of the Neobux Referrals Handy Manager changed the way how I use Neobux. I don’t need any Excel spreadsheets, scripts or something like that anymore to keep track of my referrals! It is now a lot easier for me to analyse them and to make decisions based on the handy graphs in this software. It is also much quicker to recycle your Reffs, just set the filter how you like it, sort and mark them and use the Referrals Recycling Assistance Wizard. This software is worth every penny and I don’t regret that I bought it!
I have been using the free version of your software for a month now and I love it. Just completed an order for the full version a min or two ago. Can’t wait to use it.

What are you waiting for? Get your copy now and start managing your rented referrals for REAL.



Neobux Referrals Handy Manager Review

Final Thoughts

Time is of essence! There are a lot of PTC sites out there, but only few of them are worth mentioning. Neobux is one of these sites that are legit, established and can be earned with. Money on PTC sites can be earned with clicking on ads by your self or you can hire and acquire DR’s and/or RR’s. So is the case with Neobux to.

Soon after you get caught in to PTC world you will realize that the easiest way to earn money with them is by getting direct referrals. Once you have DR’s they stay with you and cost nothing, so as long as they remain active you will make money with them.

But, getting direct referrals requires some knowledge in online marketing. Therefore many new PTC users think that it would be easier to invest few bux and rent. Soon after few weeks of managing rentals on their own they realize that it isn’t so easy at all.

Never the less, this is something that needs to be mastered and NRHM is a tool that is going to help you achieve that goal. Guides, hints and all around help  that will be provided by this extending tool is going to give you the needed experience and knowledge that will be easily applied to other PTC sites.

Therefore our advice to you is to invest $8 and buy Neobux Referrals Handy Manager cause it’s possibilities and services are priceless.

Neobux Referrals Handy Manager Review

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