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PTC Basics

As we mentioned earlier, PTC stands for “paid to click”.  There are literally MILLIONS of companies and individuals who advertise on the internet.  BILLIONS of dollars are spent for advertising on the internet every year.

Many of the companies and individuals use PTC programs to advertise their goods or services. They pay a fee to every one who clicks on their ad. People who want to make money with ptc programs simply join the program, FOR FREE, and click ads.

PTC Basics

The ads run from 10 seconds to 30 seconds but occasionally you will see an ad that runs for 1 minute.  The amount you earn from each ad you view also varies. Typically you can earn from .001 cent to 2 cents per ad.

That brings us to the most common concern with ptc programs…you don’t make a LOT of money with a ptc program by simply clicking the ads.

To help you earn more money, most programs have the option to “rent” or buy “referrals” and that are PTC basics.  A REFERRAL is simply another member who has joined the same ptc program. When you “rent” a referral you will pay a small amount every month to “rent” their clicking services. Likewise, when you buy a referral you are buying their clicking services. If you buy a referral you pay a higher price up front but do not have to make any further payments. You will make a percentage of their click earnings. The more referrals you have the more money you make… IF they click ads regularly.

If you rent a referral who is doing well you would EXTEND them for another month…at a small cost.  If they are not doing well you can RECYCLE or trade them in for another referral…again at a small cost and this are, again, PTC basics.

The other option to get referrals is to market for them. If a new member sees your advertisement and joins they become a “direct referral” of yours. These are the ones that you should be focusing on.

All the referrals you rent, buy or aquire as direct referrals are placed UNDER YOU.  In other words, they are YOUR referrals and work “under you”. They work FOR you.

Sadly, many people join a ptc program, click a few ads and quite….usually because they see that they are not making very much money by simply clicking ads and they can not afford to rent or buy referrals. Most people who fail at ptc programs also do not know how to market effectively for direct referrals. We will be giving you a lot more information on marketing her at so be sure to add us to your bookmarks.

A few ptc web sites have what they call MULTIPLE LEVELS of referrals. To explain what “multiple levels” are, when you rent, buy or acquire a direct referral they are under you in your FIRST LEVEL. If the referrals you rented, bough or got as direct referrals,  rent buy or get a direct referral under them, that new referral would be in YOUR SECOND LEVEL. One of the best PTC sites out there that has this levels system is

Another way to look at multiple levels is to compare it to a family. You are the parent, your children would be your first level referrals, your grandchildren would be your second level referrals and so on. The “multilevel” referral system is sometimes referred to as a MATRIX system or multilevel marketing system.

Now, this is just a glimpse of the multi million dollars PTC industrie, few simple infos and PTC basics so you get to know the world of PTC. You are probably wondering what is there for you in it and if money could be earned with it. The answer is YES, but it takes TIME! To find out all the needed informations and skills needed to make money with PTC programs simpley browese throu this site and bookmark it for regular visits so you’ll be up to date on legit money making ways online.

To get started you should read our article about “Top PTC Sites” and choose one or all of the presented PTC programs to start making legit money online without investing your money first.

PTC Basics

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