PTC Investigations Closing!? |

PTC Investigations Closing!?

PTC investigations closing because of a DDoS attacked on 24. Dec. 2013 and it’s owner is forced to shut the service down. This is a really bad news for the PTC world. With PTC investigation closing we have lost one of the best review site for PTC/GPT/PTR programs.

Over the past five years its owner has been more than helpful to thousands who have been searching to make some money over the internet using “paid to click” sites. Now, as he stated in his addressing to it’s members, there are big issues in getting this site back online cause the site is hosted on Microsoft shared hosting and it’s SharePoints are different.

Meaning, moving this site to another host would acquire rebuilding it by hand and it’s owner has no will nor desire to do so.

I personally had a great time reading the reviews, page by page, site information and stuff about many PTC programs over at The site was like a library, a guidance and community to share information and the hole will be hard to fill.

Sadly, the blog is gone but you can still use its Facbook page.

Farewell PTC Investigation!?


New PTC Investigation

But, as it seams the owner of PTC Investigation was not eager to his project shattered down in to ashes and he has presented us with simple jet very cool looking and powerful new web site. The site rised from ashes like Phoenix bringing us reviews about the most abundant PTC programs out there today.

As it seams the new era has begun for the PTC Investigation and the year 2014 is, as it looks now, going to be the new begging of an old friend to many PTC lovers out there. I’m very happy, and I’m sure many of you are to, that the owner has decided to recreate, what was one’s one of the best review sites for PTC programs, the site is rebuild from scratch and one’s aging help to thousands of online money seekers is there and they will not get scammed!

PTC Investigations Closing!?

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