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PTC Professor Review – Maximize Your Profits

If you want to maximize your earning potential from Paid To Click Sites and get Tons Of New Direct Referrals in the Top PTC programs online then PTC Professor is the service that you need.

While PTC Professor is not a Paid to Click (PTC) Site, there are many ways to earn money with PTC Professor. But keep in mind, PTC Professor is designed to increase your earnings in Paid to Click and Traffic Exchange sites.

The whole thing with PTC Professor is really quite simple. Once you’ve signed up to PTC Professor, you need to go and signup for a PTC program of your choice and enter in your affiliate IDs at the Downline Builder and the Traffic Resources.

If you already are a member of any PTC program or Traffic exchange site that is offered at PTC Professor “Downline Builder” or “Traffic Resources”, then you only need to ad your affiliate ID’s to them and you are ready to maximize your profits with Paid To Click sites.

This will ensure that anyone that signs up to PTC Professor under you will become your downline or direct referral when they go through the same process. Go and join now and maximize your earning potential from Paid To Click Sites.



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Things we do like about PTC Professor:

  • Earn Co-Op Credits – By promoting your PTCP referral link you will be earning “CO-OP Credits“. These credits will be used then to explode your downlines. By promoting CO-OP referral link you will be generating exposure that will, in some cases, and if you are a member of all 1o PTC sites that PTCP combines in their program, bring you then new direct referrals who are given proper PTC training. Direct referrals that did have proper training are more likely to stick with you and PTC sites bring you in the end more money.
  • Downline Builder – After you join PTCP you have to ad your referral ID’s to top 10 PTC sites out there, for whom is PTCP guaranteeing you won’t waste time on, and start promoting your PTCP referral link.
  • Members Shared Tips and Tricks – PTC Professor has a great section where all its members share useful tips and tricks regarding PTC sites and more. Tips and tricks are updated daily and it is a wise decision to check on them regularly.
  • PTC Guide – They have step by step guide explaining the Paid To Click in general and thoroughly. Find out what and how with PTC sites.

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 What we do not like about PTC Rocket:

  • No Forum – They don’t have forum. The forum would greatly increase the communication between  members allowing a greater flow of information and exchange of experience gathered in PTC world. PTC Professor is not that complicated service, but it would help and be much faster through forums if members could ask for support and stay informed about the recent changes made to the site.
  • Traffic Resources – PTCP helps to build a bridge and fills in the gap between Traffic Exchange sites ( TEs ) and PTCs. This option is only for upgraded members and that is what we don’t like about.  There should be at least one Traffic Exchange site added as free option to be included in to CO-OP promotion.

Important Info About the Site

    • Number of PTC’s: 10 PTC that do count and will be around. They educates new members and keep them active in each of the 10 PTC’s.
    • Number of TE’s: 11 top rated and well established traffic exchange sites are integrated in to PTCP program.
    • Cashout Options and Conditions – You can earn commissions by promoting PTCProfessor using the tools on their Affiliate Toolbox page. Be sure to enter your PayPal address on your Profile page in order to be paid. Payments are made each Friday after your commission balance has exceeded $15.00 and has been at least 14 days.
    • Script: Custom
    • Owner: Eric Goettman
    • July 01, 2014 – Announcement of PTCP Coin Store


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General Conclusion:

Until now you had to put in a lot of work just to be rewarded with little return. PTC Professor turned all this around. You don’t need to be a genius to realize that direct referrals are the key to success with PTC sites.

There are many ways how to get direct referrals, but none of them will give you quality direct referrals as PTC Professor.

Why is that so?

It educates new members and keeps them active in each of the 10 PTC sites that are integrated in to their program.  After all the goal is to build ACTIVE direct referrals in programs that will be here for years to come.

There is a lot of money to be made with PTCs and the best part of it is that it can be done with very little time investment each day. All it takes are time and consistency.

So take a moment to join PTCProfessor today, spend an hour a day clicking your PTC Ads, and keep doing what you already do. Build your PTCP downlines and start your money snowball today.

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