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Ways to get Referrals for Business

How to Get Referrals

Ways how to Get Referrals for any business or program that you need.  I am about to share with you how to get referrals for free to PTC (paid to click) and PTR (paid to read) sites, and continue to get referrals for months possibly many years to come. Getting referrals, having word-of-mouth is very important in any online business program. Whatever your program is PTC (pay to click ads) or any other, the main thing is getting referrals under you, simply because there isn’t any internet business when you’re on it’s own.
First of all things you should be totally aware of the money making online program you are promoting! What is the benefit of joining your program? What makes it different from others? What the best ways to earn the maximum from it? Are they legitimate? Can you give any proof for your payments?. You have to answer all these questions. Better avoid promoting sites that you don’t have complete trust.

Ways to get Referrals for your Business

Blog: One of the best ways how to get referrals is to make a blog about your favorite site and promote it through your blog. Blog is very essential service that allows you to quickly share information. A blog is your best bet for a voice among the online crowd. You may host your own blog with free blog hosting service. Here is the list of some popular blog hosting sites, where you can host you blog for free without spending a dime:

Ways to get Referrals for your Business

 Forums: Taking part in forums is actually an additional method to promote your site. Try to find the forums discussing similar topic and post threads in it. Main thing to keep in mind that never spam in forum, they may ban you and you may never allowed to participate again, avoid spamming by not posting same thread twice. You need to write posts on forums. Forums are almost always crowded with people and secondly, forums have strong authority. For you to do a small amount of keyword and key phrase homework working with Google keyword tool. This way your post will “readily” bubble–up in search results, sending fresh visitors to convert as your referrals. The posts need not to be very very long. You actually only have to generate a person’s posting eye-catching more than enough in making people today sign-up. For example, you can pick a set of PTC sites and encourage people by doing some math about what expected amount they can earn by joining. Some PTC sites offer a referral link for forums. Here is a list of some top forums related to “make money niche”:

Ways to get Referrals for your Business

 Social MediaPromote with Social network sites: Who doesn’t want to make some extra bucks? A nice way how to get referrals by promoting your online money making program is by sharing your referral link at Facebook and other social media sites. Participating in communities will help you get more referrals. For example if you are trying to promote a PTC site, try to join and post topics in a community meant for PTC. Join as many communities discussing similar programs. It is more beneficial to post threads in communities which has more members. Some of the social community sites to promote your program is OrkutTwitterFaceBookDigg, etc.

Ways to get Referrals for your Business

Sending Emails to your Friends: Another good way how to get referrals is to tell it your friends, Simply tell them about your online making program. Send them your referral link and show your payments if they ask for it. Just tell everyone who likes, or needs more money about your online making program.

Ways to get Referrals for your Business

Free Article posting sites: Join some free article posting sites and post some articles describing about your program. But don’t post articles only to promote your money making online program, they may ban your posts, include some Genuine articles also. Here are some sites allow you to post free articles HubpagesSquidoo. First thing you need to do is find you at least 30 good keywords for the get paid to click programs you want to target. Make sure it is something that you know about in the get paid to click industry. Like for an example “How to get referrals for free”, or “How to get referrals for PTC sites”. Also make sure that the number of other sites using that keyword is no more then 50,000 or else you are facing too much competition. Another thing you want to make sure is that there is a good amount of people searching that keyword monthly. Google’s keyword tool is a great resource for this. This should be very informative making sure you address the topic, give a reliable solution cause let’s face it if you tell them a tip about something and it don’t work, what makes you think they will want to follow you in your money making online program? Then you will want to come to a conclusion of your article. Pretty much a rundown of what you talked about. As soon as your article goes live on the directory, you continue to receive traffic and thus referrals. You don’t have to wait for months until your content is crawled by search spiders and even more months to get it ranked as in the case promotion via blogging.

Ways to get Referrals for your Business

Promote with Youtube: A new way how to get referrals, many people saying it’s a very successful way than any other. How to promote your money making online program with Youtube?? Simple answer, by uploading videos describing your program. make a video about the function and benefits of your program with your voice in background and try to differentiate its benefits than other similar programs. Do include your payment details also in order to make the viewer believe your presentation.

Your Voice at Yahoo AnswersLot of people doubt PTC and survey sites as Scam and they do ask people for their unbiased opinions at Yahoo Answers. In addition, many people are in the search of ways to earn some extra cash. You can help them by directing them to the PTC or PTR sites as a nice option. You need to hunt for those unanswered questions using search bar present at the top. Apart from Yahoo Answers there are plenty of other answering sites too:

Ways to get Referrals for your Business


That’s it! A simple step by step process on how to get referrals for PTC and PTR sites, or shall I say how to get referrals for free. I hope you bookmark and save this as you may find yourself wanting to use it as a guide.

Ways to get Referrals for your Business

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